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Mount Iwadono(Iwadono-san,岩殿山) is a mountain of 634 located in Yamanashi prefecture Otsuki city area.
It is designated one of “100 famous Yamanashi mountains”, as well as one of Yamanashi City’s “Best 12 mountains that with an excellent landscape wishing for Mt. Fuji”.

There is a cliff called low mountain baby dropping and enjoy a thrilling mountaineering.
Mount Iwadono(Iwadono-san,岩殿山) is a famous mountain because it allows you to go directly from the JR Otsuki station(大月駅) to the trailhead on foot.

How to Access

  1. 【Go】Ōtsuki Sta.(大月駅) → Mt.Iwadono(岩殿山)
  2. 【Return】Mt.Iwadono(岩殿山) → Ōtsuki Sta.(大月駅)

1.【Go】Ōtsuki Sta.(大月駅) → Mt.Iwadono(岩殿山)

From JR Ōtsuki station(大月駅) follow signs to walk towards Iwadono Park(岩殿公園 Iwadono-koen).

2.【Return】Mt.Iwadono(岩殿山) → Ōtsuki Sta.(大月駅)

Follow signs from Mt. Iwasaki and walk to Otsuki station.

For details on how to walk, please see “ Mountain Girl Net (Written in Japanese)”.


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